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I recently read (and watched) Gokusen… I pretty much fell head over heads for Shin… He’s adorable (and so loyal!) So I read the entire 162 chapters just for Shin. The Show is considerably different than the manga but they did a pretty good job of giving the same carefree vibe. :D

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Hey guess what?! I read another old obscure manga. It was awesome. You guys should really get out there and read this one though, its really cute. ^_^

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I just grabbed 12 of the top Shojo Mangas and was looking at them. Many of my non-manga reading fans say that all shojo looks the same. I beg to differ, I mean these are just some of the popular series and they look pretty varied to me. What do you think

Hi there… I’m too lazy to do an edit of the manga but I read Penguin Kakuemi… it was cute. To make up for my laziness here is the picture I was going to edit.

Soo, if you think I should do it I’ll do it but I just don’t feel like editing at the moment. Sooo…. go out there and read this manga. :)

Random stuff…

If you ever get bored and have no animes to watch. Try Mahou Tsukai Sally. It has no ongoing story line so you can pick up at any episode, and its super old (1966 is when it aired) but its cute and funny and great if you have nothing to do. ^_^

Oh yeah, almost forgot… I edited this yesterday. Not related to anything… I don’t even know the manga.

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Heres the one with words like I previously said… I think it just adds a little something. :)

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Yeah yeah… I haven’t uploaded anything in a long time sorry. =.= Kamisama Hajimemashita and I worked a bit on this one…. I’m half tempted to put fancy cursive writing on it… yeah… I think I will… for now enjoy the wordless one.

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Hi! So I finished a manga (sorry it took me so long to find something to read.) It’s called Lovely Everywhere. :)

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Hey! I’m back! :D This one is for the TOTALLY adorable Houkago x Ponytail. It’s a really fast read and SOOO cute! Check it out, its about a mangaka. ^_^

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1. 19 - 21
2. Tomodachi no Hanashi
3. Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime
4. Itazura Na Kiss
5. Ookami Shoujou to Kuro Ouji
6. Lovely Complex
7. High School Debut
8. Horimiya
9. Dengeki Daisy
10. Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish)
11. Koi Dano Ai Dano
12. Kingyo Sou
13. Shugo Chara
14. Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun
15. Orange
16, Hibi Chouchou
17. Film Girl
18. Shinigamihime no Saikon
19. Girls of Wilds
20 Detective Conan
21. Fruits Basket
22. Tayou no Ie
23. Silver Spoon
24. Ouran High School Host Club

And with Ouran, we are done 11 at might and we are good! Thank you so much for bearing with me as I edit and post.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!




Its coming towards the end of the day… 9 o’clock Tayou no Ie

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Happy Valentine’s Day.

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