I haven’t edited many things recently but I keep looking at my old edits and the thing is, I have gotten much better at editing but I’m way too lazy to actually do a full edit. One of these days I’ll do one. By the way this manga is P to JK. I love it, it seems a lot like a Aya Nakahara work. ^_^

Feel free to use, just credit. 

If your wondering what I look like, I look like Suzume from Hirunaka no Ryuusei. So I edited this picture of her to look like me with similar clothes to what I own. I was bored. XD

Soo, since I just finished re-reading Kamisama Hajimemashita I decided to do a pastel edit. From now on any many I re-read will be getting one of these. ;D Hope you enjoy!

Feel free to use, just credit.

P.s. This was very edit intensive. T_T Julietta Suzuki’s style is very detailed. 

Rebogging because this is important.


I’ve been thinking about this for a bit (which is, like, the last hour, since I was scrolling through my dash) and I went back and forth about five times about whether to say my piece or just let the whole thing go with some minor grumbling.  I mean, it’s my shark week, there’s got to be at least some minor grumbling.

But I actually do want to say a bit about the whole crankiness surrounding Sailor Moon Crystal, those who like it and those who don’t, etc.  Sailor Moon has always been a wanky as hell fandom—ALWAYS.  If we’re not fighting about Mamoru vs Seiya, then we’re fighting about Mamoru’s character in general, if not that, then we’re fighting about whether we like the sub or the dub, if not that, we’re fighting about Sailor Cosmos, if not that, then we’re fighting about anime vs manga, if not that, we’ll fight about Sailor Moon Crystal and basically make that anime vs manga, round two.  It’s always something!

I’m frustrated with all sides of this “Sailor Moon Crystal is TERRIBLE, this isn’t Sailor Moon AT ALL!!!!” vs “It’s the manga, jfc, read a book!!!” wank, because there are valid points on both sides.  This is an anime adaptation that’s meant to follow the manga, which means that it’s not going to be just like the first anime.  And people who like the manga (this is generally where I fall, but I try to be as objective and good-spirited about it as I can, which is definitely not perfect, I’ve had my snotty moments, too!) are frustrated because there’s so much of the attitude that following the manga is soooooo much a more terrible decision, that this isn’t the true Sailor Moon, that this isn’t what Sailor Moon is supposed to be!!!!  That attitude exists and they’re/we’re reacting to it.

(I am especially not looking forward to Rei’s episode, because manga!Rei and anime!Rei are significantly different and they’re both valuable characters, so to say THIS IS NOT REI!!!! will be like saying, THIS VERSION IS WORTHLESS!!!! when manga!Rei means so much to me.  This is also how I feel every time someone says that manga!Usagi isn’t the real Usagi, like, ugh, she’s not nearly as good as the anime!Usagi, when… manga!Usagi touches me on some really personal levels and so saying she’s not good enough, rather than just simply preferring the other version, is really frustrating/hurtful, despite that she’s a fictional character and I try to know better.)

Making it as if they’re/we’re reacting to people who are saying, “I’m just not as fond of this version.” adds fuel to the fire because, no, that frustration isn’t aimed at those people.  It’s aimed at the “This is totally OOC for Usagi and this isn’t real Sailor Moon at all!” people, especially when, yeah, it’s based on the manga, which is what came first.  If you dislike Crystal because it’s not your cup of tea, because you far and away prefer the original anime, that it’s a personal preference, rather than because UGH THIS ISN’T WHAT SAILOR MOON IS, then I’m pretty sure you’re not what the pro-SMC side is reacting to, the majority of the time.  (There are always exceptions, of course.)

On the other side of this, when people talk about how Sailor Moon Crystal is following the manga, that comes across—and probably often is actually meant—as “You can’t criticize it because it’s Naoko’s vision!!!  It follows the manga and therefore is perfect and you shouldn’t say a bad word ever!!!!” and that they’re trying to force everyone to only say nice things about it, that they’re not allowing people to just simply dislike it, no matter their reasons.

The pro-SMC side seems (to me, at least) to be forgetting that being supportive and cheerful about the things they like is a much better way to behave in fandom if you want to lure people over to your side. There are always going to be new fans who only ever saw the anime and felt like that was the original, that that’s the true Sailor Moon and screaming at them isn’t going to make them suddenly see the light.

So, here’s my general feelings on this:  Wank will always happen, it’s the Sailor Moon fandom, that’s what we’ve always done.  I love the original anime, but the manga is where my heart is at.  I hope that people remember that Sailor Moon Crystal is meant to follow the manga, that whatever Sailor Moon is to you is perfectly and totally okay, but stating-as-a-fact that Crystal Is Not What Sailor Moon Is About is really kind of missing some key points and that it’s really pretty frustrating/dismissive to those who are fans of the manga.  That’s not at all the same thing as saying that you’re not allowed to dislike it or that you cannot prefer another version, especially since those versions are coming out at the same time as well—Hulu is adding more and more of the first Sailor Moon anime all the time!  And we’re getting a new dub, which means loads more attention coming to it!

I totally get if you prefer that version (the original anime), it did some cool things and it was the first version for a lot of people, it’s what a lot of people imprinted on.  It’s totally okay if you’re just always going to prefer that version, no matter how much people try to sell you on the manga! If you do someday read the manga—and I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE THIS—just remember that it’s not meant to be the same thing, they’re separate stories with separate goals and separate motivations.

I would love to have you join me over here in fanning over the manga, I love it SO VERY MUCH, there’s so much intensity in it, there’s so much that I love about those characters, there’s so many things that touch my heart in a way that not many series, ever, can do.  But if you’re not a fan, then you’re not a fan, and that’s okay.  But I would ask that, before you talk about it in public, think about how you would feel if your words were said to you about the version you love, if you would be okay with the tone and attitude being displayed, and act according to that.

Not that anyone’s going to stop you, this is fandom.  Fandom does what fandom wants, whether that’s criticizing one version or making posts about being upset by the attitudes in fandom or whether it’s being happy and loving all things, no matter what version they are.  I’m not trying to change anyone, aside from just that I do want people to understand where I’m coming from (if you’re interested in hearing it, that is) and this is my attempt to get myself back to center on the whole thing, so that I can go back to enjoying everything happily.  :)

To the people who follow my blog, I feel this is important to note when watching the new sailor moon things. The new Anime should be respected just as much as the old one but for different reasons. And if the lovely author of this post ever sees this on my blog, I agree, the manga is where my heart is! ^_^


Since I’m re-reading Kamisama Hajimemashita should I do one of those pastel color sets with Tomoe and Nanami? I usually wait for Daikisheart to suggest it but people seem to like them and their a pretty popular couple… 

Oh! And I’ll be editing a thing for 3D Kanjo soon… because I read it. :)

Should I do some edits for the anime I’ve been watching? Barakamon and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun? 

I might try my hand at some manga gifs soon„, well see. 


I really don’t understand this. =.=

Sorry for the random thoughts. >.< I would be happy if you messaged me your thoughts, or not, that’s fine too. What am I doing. =.=

As requested by my lovely friend Daikisheart a Horimiya collage. ^_^

Hope it looks okay and you all enjoy! Feel free to use, just credit! :D

Are you taking request? If so can you make some Horimiya icons in the same style as the mazume ones you made? Thanks :)

Can do! :D I will get them out soon! :)

I JUST read L-DK last night and throughly enjoyed it. So, as promised, another icon! :D

Feel free to use, just credit. 

Feast your eyes upon the drawbacks of reading too many mangas (I’ve read 127 so far [recorded]) The ones with “NO” written on them are ones I refuse to read. 

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Feel free to use, just credit. 

Random Note

Hi there… So I’m sorry for not posting very often. >.< I have been reading mangas but I haven’t liked any of them so I have decided that even if I don’t like the manga, I shall still edit a picture and post it because some people do like those series. 

I’ll be posting some today. :)

This time I did something a little different, I made a banner! :D

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So since these did so well I thought I’d post the actual sized ones so if anyone wants to mess with them here they are. (I also don’t feel like saving them on my computer. XD)

I accidentally posted this on my personal one but I’m too lazy to re-work the whole thing so here they are… again.

I couldn’t bear to edit this anymore than this. The art is actually my favorite type of manga art so this only has minimal editing. This is from the manga Tokimeki Tonight that was published way back in 1982 and is some thing I don’t normally read. Its not even half translated. There are only 32 chapters translated and they left me at the climax. =_= I’m almost willing to say if someone can come up with a translation I’ll clean and edit pages. :P

Feel free to use just credit.


I added music to my blog on here and they are all anime openings… there is a problem though.

I have an intense preference for old anime openings…

The modern openings I added are:

*Kimi ni Todoke

*Lucky Star

*Lovely Complex

*Kaichou Wa Maid-sama

*Tonari no Kaibustu-Kun

*Fruits Basket

*Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime)


*Kamisama Hajimemashita

*The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


*Hanasaku Iroha



*Kill Me Baby

*Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

*Shugo Chara

*Ouran High School Host Club

What else should I add?

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